the men – the seeds (acoustic)

holiday was nice, but it did mean I missed out on the announcement of this forthcoming acoustic EP from the men, who are, without doubt, one of the best bands going right now. Thought their latest album, New Moon, with a slower rock and country tinged sound, has proved a little harder to get into than the full-blown punk explosion that were Leave Home and Open Yr Heart, it’s hard to resist the unabashed shift they’ve been undertaking. This forthcoming acoustic EP seems to cement that a little further, and, if you’re as much of a vinyl/boxset/limited edition freak as I am, Sacred Bones say the vinyl version will come “with a 12-page photo book 11.5″ × 11.5″ insert featuring never before seen black & white photographs shot by their bassist/photographer Kevin Faulkner”; sounds classy. Check “The Seeds” in all it’s campfire glory below.