We’ve only been given a couple of days to mull over Jessie Ware’s fantastic “Running”, and the excitement surrounding it has yet to die down. So rather than letting the hype simmer for awhile, PMR Records thought they’d chuck some more fuel to the blazing fire that already is, the Disclosure Remix.

With a faster pace and a synth with a lot more edge, Disclosure have pushed the track to hard hitting head nodder. Jessie Wares vocals are far from untouched, and have been lowered, echoed, and for that extra 1990′s house effect. Disclosure are certainly leaving a pretty wide wake in where-ever they go, definitely worth keeping an eye on these guys through 2012.

Pre-order Jessie Wares – Running EP, featuring the Disclosure remix, as well as a Disclosure dub. Looking forward to hearing that dub pretty soon.

STREAM: Running (Disclosure Remix) – Jessie Ware