HorrorshowPodcast #9 – Star Wars Ocarina of time

So, after the last Podcast episode, me and Lewi discussed another theme, ending upon videogames, then deciding on the brilliant Legend of Zelda series. Lewi’s mix is first, who has gone incredibly brilliantly technical and diverse as opposed to my more straightforward approach. Come back soon to see my Zelda mix and concluding part of this series.

Koji Kondo – Overworld (zelda theme)
Kode9 – 9 Samurai (Quarta330 Remix)
Flying Lotus – Drips // Aunties Harp
Hudson Mowhawke – FUSE
James Blake – CMYK
Bullion – Get Familiar
Kuedo – Starfox
Bonobo – 1009
Shlohmo – Hot Boxing the Cockpit

So, I thought a zelda mix would be super awesome, however it turned out that it is insanely hard. I mean once you’ve done the “Overworld theme” then there isn’t much else. It’s that, or maybe I’m not as hardcore for Zelda than I thought I was.
Anyhow, the mix ended up more or less dub influenced. I’m not going to pretend I know loads about the genre, but I do know that these few tracks are so so sick.
First up was the Quarta330 remix of Kode9′s track “9 Samurai”, which is like 8 bit funeral music, it is seriously dark. It really trudges along, with a offbeat drum keeping it going. I will say one negative thing though, the track doesn’t really change much, and is quite long. This is why I cut it short in the mix.
After “9 Samurai“, I added Flying Lotus’s track “Drips // Aunties Harp”, cause “Cosmogrammer” should be listened to by everyone in the world, as it is an amazing album. Also “Drips” is nice combination of 8 Bit and violins, who would of thought? It really does feel right.
Sticking to Warp artists, I chose “FUSE” by Hudson Mohawke, who’s album “Butter” was amazing. Thus deserving a place amoungst Kode9 and Flying Lotus. “FUSE” is truly a great track, with a banger of a chorus. If “Starburst” could talk, I would imagine this is how they would sound.
From here on, I used more DnB/dub orientated music, starting with James Blake, who had released “CMYK – EP”. The track “CMYK” which is in the mix, is just so fresh, it has this feel that not many other tracks have. It has a satisfying bassline that works really well with synth, both and beat create this awesome atmosphere.
Next I added Bullion’s track “Get Familiar”, because of its crunchy beat and synth that swoop in between each other, creating quite a track.
I recently had listened to a track by Kuedo called “Starfox”, which I thought would be highly appropriate to the Zelda theme, cause “Starfox” is a nintendo brand.
“Starfox” the track is sick. Which has this sweeping synth, and this combination of a 8bit saw synth and bassline. Definitely worth the name of “Starfox”
Bonobo is up next, with “1009” from “Black Sands”. Its a pretty mellow track, with a pulsating beep like synth, and a really nice bassline.
Finally I left it with a grimey track, “Hot Box the Cockpit” by Shlohmo, with the distorted violin that gives it that grimey vibe and weird ambient sounds, if you liked Bonobo‘s latest album, you’ll like this guy.
That ends the mix, as I said, it was a little hard to keep it Zelda themed, but I think I can safely say that it is totally awesome music themed.



  1. velocirapta wrote:

    Nice. Have you heard the Bullion mix of Amadou & Mariam? Or the new Shlohmo EP? Worth checkin.