REVIEW: Vampire Weekend – Contra

I love Vampire Weekend, just love ‘em. With every band that you like, the second album can be the most frustrating thing in that it doesn’t live up to expectations or diverges too much from their original album that you love and hold so dearly. But Vampire Weekend have not buckled down to make something creatively inferior to their debut, or an album that simply retreads familiar ground for commercial gain, “Contra” is an album that has enough of it’s own merits that set it apart from the last Vampire Weekend album, as well as being reminiscent and with traits that definitely stem from their previous work.

Contra, to me, as a whole sounds more like Rostam Batmanglij’s non-Vampire Weekend band Discovery whose 2009 album I REALLY LOVED and something I’m not going to deride. However, the highlight of that album was, undoubtedly the song Carby featuring Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig. And it is Koenig’s vocals and lyricism that really add alot to Batmanglij’s production. In the song “White Sky” he comes out with this brilliant line; “…on the second floor of Richard Serra’s skatepark” which being an art student made me smile, there are constant, quick, occassionally witty lines that you can pick up on, just like the brilliant segment in the “Cousins” video that Koenig acts out.

Overall, I really enjoy Contra, it’s chock a block of good songs and unlike the debut, didn’t take me a long time to grow to love either. It’s out on the 12th of Jan and is available to stream on the Vampire Weekend website Be sure to buy it when it comes out, if you pre-order off of itunes you get to download Cousins immeadiately too!


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