I certainly think so, with so many rad bands debuting in 2009, we’ve got a lot to look forward to this year. I really hate the lead up to some albums, especially when your expecting high standards. Producing an album is tough, especially when you’ve just done a killer first album. The xx for example, will they produce a bangin’ number two? Time will tell.
You don’t usually give out presents because its the new year, but I think we should. So here are two diamonds that I stumbled across the cyber space recently.

Remember when Bloc Party were really refreshing and something to be excited about? Silent Alarm is by far one of my favorite albums that my ears have had the pleasure of listening to.
This remix, by the analogue kings, Holy Fuck, really takes Bloc Party’s new sound back to the old. The original version of Zephyris something quite aggressive sounding, using old synths and a drum machine, and what I can only describe as a “doom” chorus. The Holy Fuck remix is completely different, they truly have made this song their own, with a echo of Kele Okereke’s voice alongside a bassline similar to that of “Positive Tension“, and an epic chorus. I love Holy Fuck, thank you for bringing me back “Silent Alarm“.

Bloc Party – Zephyr (Holy Fuck Remix)

All I know about WU LYF is that they are from Manchester, and that it stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation. They certainly make great songs, and we can expect great things from them this year.
They have only released one track onto the internet, called “Heavy Pop“. This track is really something interesting, sounding like it might of been recorded in a church, it echos a tortured voice. The production on this track is really good, of which I can only think to call it “quiet loud”, this track carries such emotion and desperation, I am really looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

WU LYF – Heavy Pop



  1. rizz wrote:

    any chance of rehosting this? Amazing track

  2. Nathan wrote:

    which one is it that you wanted rehosting?

  3. Emma wrote:

    Bloc Party needs rehosting please.

  4. Giles wrote:

    New WU LYF track on gorillavsbear – “concrete gold”. It has a bass so subterranean my neighbours now think there is a Tube train running under our street. Really rather good.