South African rock from johannesburg.

I keep forgetting about this band, then remembering them, and then wondering why I keep forgetting about them.
BLK JKS are South African rock, based in Johannesburg. They had built up a massive amount of hype on the internet awhile back, with their EP “Mystery”, which is awesome.
They take a lot of influence from ska, reggae, ambience, jazz, prog, and dub. This brew of genre’s work’s really well, with no dominant genre, they all balance each other out. Infact they sound a little like if “Yeasayer” and “TV on the Radio” decided to do a collab.
The “Mystery EP” in general is mesmerizing, one track that stood out was “Summertime”. Cliche it may sound, the song did remind me of summer, the upbeat tempo and the explosions of Jimi Hendrix, definitely had an influence on that matter. Much like the rest of the EP its slightly haunting, with the echo’s and reverb becoming almost synth like. What really does it for me though, is the flow the EP has, the tracks have been written and placed well within the EP, and has as much flow as would an album. Something a lot of EP’s fail to deliver these days.

They released their album in september, and are also touring it in Europe as I am writing this, they are due to do a few dates in the UK from the 26th to the 29th of November. For more information check out their blog.

Summertime – BLK JKS

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  1. Rose wrote:

    blk jks, so awesome live