real horrorshow tunes is more than one.

The real horrorshow gang has become two people, with myself now part of this rad rad blog. I am lewi, friend of nathan, and tonight matthew, I’m going to blog some shit that blows my mind.

So I’ll start with a guy who may of already been blogged quite a bit, however he’s actually killing it right now. My mum said I’m to young to be in love, but after listening to Gold Panda, I heartily disagree.
For lovers of; Prefuse 73, Koushik, and Four Tet, Gold Panda manipulates samples like a Derren Brown manipulates minds. He has three records out at the moment, Quitters Raga (Single), Before EP, and Miyamae EP.

Quitters Raga, is the claim to fame, its soft rustling and sitar like sample work awesomely, whilst a pulsating piano sample plays through out. All over a beat that reminds of me elephants migrating.

Gold Panda is one to watch. Currently on Witchita, he is planning remixes for HEALTH and Simian Mobile Disco, which no doubt should be sick. Here I leave you with a remix of The Field track “I have the moon, you have the internet”, taken in a direction that works well with the original song, nicely cut up into little bits for us to enjoy.

Gold Panda – Quitters Raga

The Field – I Have The Moon, You Have The Internet (Gold Panda Remix)