Pull Tiger Tail – PAWS. Review

In 2007, in the legendary Southampton pub The Joiners, I went and saw Pull Tiger Tail live. It was a great show, in which I got to see a band I had obsessed over in a live environment and it was a brilliant show. And it was understandably en-saddening for me to hear of their fate over the time period from late 2007-early 2008. Dropped by a label which refused to release their album and plunge again almost into obscurity, it was definitely some of the worst treatment I’ve heard of from within the music industry. But in the last couple of months, the band has resurfaced. After a long struggle to get their album from their former label, they have finally released it themselves. Two years late.

It would be a lie to say that the album doesn’t feels out of place, or hasn’t aged. But admittedly, being rather nostalgic when hearing it, I was inevitably surprised to really enjoy it. Some of the older songs are hear, bettered with re-records and the album tracks I hadn’t heard are also pretty brilliant, like the opener; “…For No One” (Download) with it’s addictive repetition of the line “No, I wouldn’t say no” lyric. It’s my favourite song for sure. I will admit that if you know you don’t like them at all, you will be disappointed. It’s more of the same from the Tigers, but this is definitely sufficient closure for a group who’ve been looking to release the album so they can finally dissolve and do as they will. Their final show is planned for sometime later this year, and regrettably they mean it.

But do not fret. Go buy PAWS. right now, get the mp3s sent to you then receive the vinyl/CD in the post when they are finally printed. I can’t wait to get my hands on my physical copy. Or go look on the itunes store if you are a freak who solely buys mp3s.

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