Lovvers – OCD Go Go Go Girls Review

The rise of Lo-fi and their distinct awesomeness meant that the impressive Lovvers got to headline the BBC Introducing stage at the recent Reading Festival. Being a dope, I saw a lukewarm Kings of Leon set instead, but based on the strength of their debut album, the actually, rather appropriately, named “OCD Go Go Go Girls”, I bet it was a brilliant show.

The album is best digested as a whole, it’s 12 relatively short and admittedly same-y tracks are all songs to thrash and flail your limbs to. Not just hyper-actively danceable, but also incredibly similar to my ever-favourite Wavves. Tracks like the opener “Creepy Crawl” and the brilliant near-album-title song “OCD Go Go Girls” are both provocative of the sure-fire potential of future Lovvers material as well as showing that beneath all that under-produced magic there kind of is a tune. I mean, I do like this album but without listening to the album collectively the weakness shows through. Individually I could probably only recount “AXTXTXIXTXUXDXE” off the top of my head it being probably the best song on the album. Maybe that, or in fact the track that follows it, “Alone with a Girl” – click here to download

I opened with quite a high note for this review but live, I do reckon that the band will shine much above their recorded songs, the recorded LP can definitely be the bane of some bands and I’d love to see Lovvers in a live environment, hopefully some tiny, dingy club. It is still one of my favourite albums of the year, but one that is strongly flawed, but we can’t all be perfect can we?