New Good Shoes

I love Good Shoes, their self-titled debut album released in the now far off 2007, meaning that I haven’t, quite surprisingly, wrote a damn thing about them. But to, in the words of Spandau Ballet, cut a long story short, they are seminal and produced one of my favourite albums of the last few years. Now, I’m not trying to be region-specific, but being a british youth, I have some heartfelt affection for this band and their incredibly easy to relate to work. Their lyrics, are just very British in my opinion. I may be reading to deep into it, and being ignorant in the stance that it is wholly british and not applicable to other culture, but it’s just my opinion.

ANYWAY, they’ve just put a new song out as a free download on their website. It’s good and I genuinely enjoy the similarity to old material, even if that was not what they’re looking for after a two-year break for releasing new stuff.

Good Shoes – That’s The Way My Heartbeats
also, this brilliant track from their debut;
Good Shoes – The Photos On My Wall

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  1. FarmGirl wrote:

    OK, I’ll admit it: I do have a crush for British bands. Good Shoes won’t be left out. I loved it *-*