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wavves cool new jumper
Fuck yeah! after the dare-I-say-it seminal ‘Mickey Mouse’ track, Nathan “Wavves” Williams pulls out another storming track, this time dubbed ‘Cool Jumper’. Again in similiar vein to the last song, it sounds oh-so lo-fi AnCo, which in my mind is no bad thing. This song, again re-affirms my love for the one man-outfit, doubled when touring, and despite how much of an absolute prick he can appear in re: to his interviews/drug-induced breakdowns, he just reeks an air of coolness and also insatiable talent.

It’s almost irrepressible, mere months are releasing an amazing second album upon the world, so far my album of the year, as well as his impressive debut last year, Williams keeps going and bringing out better and better stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was the next album round the corner. For the song itself, this is fantastically pumping, and reminiscent of Mickey Mouse, with some lovely repeated lyrics, one of the main lines being the title of this post.

Fans of his previous work, plus those who’ve been drawn in from fairly recent pitchfork coverage of his madcap drug breakdown/tour cancelling/road to recovery antics, will love it, so enjoy the track for download beloww;

Wavves – Cool Jumper
[audio http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/6/1/2462689/01%20Cool%20Jumper.mp3]