Ayrton Senna EP Review

This is one of the best EPs I’ve heard in a long while. The collection here is held up aloft by the most amazing “Seasun”. In a kind of Animal Collective synth-disjointed-looping-vocals-and-beats way, the song builds and builds, culminating in my most often-used phrase, a crescendo of brilliance. This is for me, one of the most perfect ways to follow listenings of Animal Collective’s tremendous “Merriweather Post Pavilion”, these songs definitely lends itself to the songcraft of the Baltimore natives. But it has a unique sense of urgency and definitely does achieve a more dance-oriented feel on first listen. There is also the brilliantly, base-laden 90s house keyboards, as witnessed in recent weeks with Bloc Party’s “One More Chance”, especially in the song “Moonson”. Although only 4 tracks (5 if you acquire the bonus digital edition and one being a remix) this little spoiler of what can seemingly be only a brighter future for the Madrid-based outfit is perhaps the perfect little dose of happier, more summery music for this dreary, dredful august.

Delorean are most certainly an act you definitely should be impressed with, their Mystery Jets – Half in Love with Elizabeth remix also something incredibly good. Check them out, give them a look in, buy the EP, whatever, these spaniards deserve your support.

Delorean – Moonson

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