samiyam – mr.wonderful (feat. action bronson)

samiyam’s sam baker’s album (brainfeeder) from 2011 still charms and delights to this day, so the return with new material is always met with glee. this new track, coming off of 4th album animals have feelings, pairs baker with the titular mr. wonderful himself, flushing, queens’ own action bronson, who is coming off of a well received major label debut which, funnily enough, shares its title with this song. bronson’s silky-as-sandpaper voice grizzles spitting verbose bars that lay resplendent over baker’s staccato synths, and the lackadaisical chorus delivery belies bronson’s fire-behind-the-eyes verses. the lyricism perhaps doesn’t match the levels on mr. wonderful the album, or his exemplary mixtapes, such as blue chips 2 or rare chandeliers, but it’s the usual bravado-led affair, with the trademark humour and absurdism that made bronson so appealing in the first place – “Batting average like I’m takin’ juice, Like a moose, my fucking body like a stegosaurus” – for example, being just one of many smirk-inducing lines.