the homosexuals – technique street

for anyone who’s read simon reynold’s rip it up and start again, it’s undeniable that the homosexuals, whilst not mentioned, must have been on the periphery of his subject matter, with a ballsy, guttural and hastily-recorded sound that fits straight into that post-punk post-1977 vibe. Suplex cassettes aren’t fronting when they wonder “why didn’t Rough Trade pick this up?”

apparently the recordings that make up the 81-track triple-cassette(!!!) collection released on Suplex are all from 1977-1984 apparently, though I guess I can be forgiven for initially being a little skeptical that it’s been made knowingly. it sounds too good to have been previously ignored. it’s good shit though, and I heartily recommend you check it out, time capsule or not, as it finally sees the light of day.