I never wanna leave home, when the thing in the back of my braaaaain

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Late to the post-making-get-there-before-everyone-else-on-hypem-party, but hey, I love this new glimpse of Nathan Williams, a.k.a. Wavves, as Pitchfork rightfully , albeit energetically, pointed out, “it sounds like lo-fi Animal Collective!”

And this song is, it’s builds and builds with the intro, being much more melodic and soothing than any previous Wavves work. To me, it comes across as if the build up of this song is much more methodical and planned out than any of his previous work which as brilliant as it is, always seems rushed, off-hand almost. But, that is what people love about Wavves, the naivety in some ways, the improvised attitude. Until you realise that Williams does it all himself. And you can really sense that here. He is building on his bedroom-studio credentials by using it to his advantage. “Mickey Mouse” is a perfectly crafted slice of lo-fi awesomeness.

There may be influence from Animal Collective, I can perceive it, in the sense this music sounds like it has been constructed with many over-lapping beats and synths, but then you know it isn’t. It’s just guitar and drum parts. With doubled-up vocals. Sorry, but breakdown or no breakdown, Nathan Williams is a genius. I absolutely adore this song, hope that he pursues this style further in his future work and finally, think you should all hear it.

Wavves – Mickey Mouse