daisuke tanabe – pinebee

I don’t think the genre IDM has been this accurate in describing a particular track for a long time. ‘Pinebee’ starts out a bit like ‘Stomp’, (you know, that show with people bashing some bins lids and brooms) but it soon progresses into a hectic jungle tune, using some very interesting samples in the process. Somewhere towards the end, Daisuke breaks it down into a half time beat that I swear has a pigeon humming in it. It’s likely not a pigeon, but a part of me really hopes it is. It’s mastered by Yosi Horikawa as well, who if you haven’t listened to yet, is definitely worth a moment of your time.

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  1. Darko V wrote:

    Big fan of Daisuke’s work from when I met him back in 2004 @ CDR.. Those were the days ;)