low leaf – akashaalay

Despite being dropped roughly 3 months ago, I can’t pass up writing a little bit on Low Leaf’s phenomenal effort, “Akashaalay”. Low Leaf’s vocals on ‘Set Me Free’ emulate a warm motown sound to them, something that is not done easily. She proceeds to sing in another language on ‘Bahay Kubo’, that I will never know the origin of, sounding as lovely as it is impressive. Really the album is a labour of immense talent and of a high level of quality. Even if the tracks were without her vocals, ‘Akashaalay’ would still be a brilliant album. Heck it’d still be brilliant if it was just Low Leaf’s vocals. I must admit though, I am a little biased, she’s selling it as a cassette & download combo, and my car only has a cassette player.