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I’m kind of still reeling from my big frightening encounter with the DMCA, pictured above, but hey, I can’t buckle in my blogging.

First off, this Maccabees cover of Black Eyed Peas’ dire song ‘Boom Boom Pow’. This cover invigorates and forces some life into it and an also relatively depressing nature to it too. I love it though, makes it a much better song than it was before. Then again, is that not the main purpose of a cover?

The Maccabees – Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas Cover)

Also, this I heard recently off as a free download. It’s a great song from lo-fi act Lovvers. A friend of mine described them as “like Wavves, but better because I prefer Lovvers”, I disagree but this is still a great, albeit long-winded titled song.



  1. Lauren wrote:

    DMCAs scare the shit out of me. The last time I got one I nearly had a heart attack.
    Just out of curiosity, What did you post to make them so angry?

  2. elena wrote:

    Ah, the Maccabees song reached its limit! Would you please, please reupload it? Thank you!

  3. Nathan wrote:

    sure thing
    re-uploaded now :)

  4. danny wrote:

    could you reupload this boom boom pow cover. it’s at its limit, again. would appreciate it. thanks!