hawk house – chill pill (experiment 2)

edit: Whilst doing a little background research on Hawk House, I found that they recorded at Strongroom Recording Studios, where I interned for awhile. So whey! Big up Strongrooms!

From the moment I heard the vocals on Chill Pill (Experiment 2) I instantly paid attention. The versatile and liquid like lyrics have so much over the average mc these days, yet have a lot in common with those from the mid 90′s. I’m sure you probably already saw this comparison coming, but theres definitely a Tribe feeling to it, alongside a bit of Quasimoto and Souls of Mischief as well. The production is equally as smooth, synth waves shimmer over Sam and Eman bars. Finally, the sweet voice of Demae blesses the chorus, adding the final piece to a group that I reckon can go very very far. Their ep is out now, go get it.