mallow – green

Two months late on this, but whatever. Frankly I am surprised that Mallow hasn’t accumulated more followers on his soundcloud. The guy absolutely kills it when it comes to creating head nodding beats. In all fairness the soundcloud electronic music scene is highly saturated, making it near impossible for some really great artists to gather the hype they need without a good manager behind them.
Green EP was dropped in February on Urban Waves for free. You can grab it on their bandcamp. It really is a great EP, with Space Rage being a favourite of mine. It’s trippy soul/experimental electronica is particularly morish, leaving me with a wish for seconds.
There isn’t a track that doesn’t change drastically mid way, which is refreshing, keeping you on your toes. This fluid feel to the EP combined with bedroom like production gives the whole thing a sense you’re listening to Mallow actually writing it. It definitely has that on the fly vibe.
Ears on this one, if you’re not convinced, check his back catalogue, especially “Projections”.