run,WALK! & Battle for Paris @The George, Andover & The Railway Inn, Winchester

Some of battle for paris on the left and run,walk the last two on the right
Seeing both these bands at two of my local pubs was a big treat. Being friends with the collective run,walk band and seeing them twice before I was highly anticipating the gig. Battle for Paris I hadn’t heard but was assured by RW that they are amazing, they were right.

Andover, being the eternal shithole that I live in turned out basically no one to their gig, I was there and a few others but being The George, one of the worst music venues ever, there was obvious lack of advertisement and no big knowledge of it happening even with me trying to make people go. it’s only saving grace is that it’s the only one in the town so when it does come up with a good gig it’s a great place to go to. It had Brontide recently, they were amazing. But not to undermine RW & BFP, these two put on one hell of a show even if it was a little quick and understated for the minimal crowd. They also had possibly the shittest support band I’ve ever seen, Black Heart Orchestra. Sorry, but those guys were incredibly terrible and acted like total cocks on stage. They left pretty much as soon as they were done thankfully.

The rest of the show went well and it was a strong, tight performance by both bands. However, it was the Winchester show which was really impressive. Being the end of tour both bands went really all out or so I thought, they put on a brilliant show that the crowd loved both of them packed out the room. It was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I probably couldn’t sing their praises enough. You know when you like a band when you start to sing along with them and the other people in the crowd. I just loved every second of the show at the Railway, it was a big turnout for that place.

Enjoy a track from each of the two bands below;
run,WALK! – Time is Catching Up With Me

Battle For Paris – Fuck Your Deja Vu