cut from jonwayne interview

the other week, I was lucky enough to do this interview with Jonwayne, the incredibly talented LA rapper who just put his debut album (art above) out on stones throw, for the homies over at bonafide mag. just realised that I had this snippet that ended up on the cutting room floor and couldn’t resist sharing:

You went on tour with Mount Kimbie, which is a really good match; other than the music side, in terms of hanging out with them, were there many culture clashes?

I think, between me and them and D33J and the tour manager and all that, I think all of us are laid back enough people were we kind of embraced the culture clashes, it became fun to us rather than a nuisance. We all poked light-heartedly at each other’s differences, and that’s really the way it should happen, people shouldn’t get frustrated at how different everyone is, it’s fascinating; all those guys did the entire tour, I mean obviously they played shows and stuff, but I must have watched dozens and dozens of games of FIFA, it’s not a big thing over here, and those guys are playing the video game like they’re championship players, I had no courage to drop in and play any of those games because they’re just so good at it, but it was fun to watch them try to beat each other over and over, they were so far into it, for me to start playing now would be futile.