White Denim @ Talking Heads, Southampton

What an amazingly good live show. White Denim absolutely blew me away with the intensity of their live show and just how brilliant they performed their songs. It was like a long, drawn out medley, songs went into each other brilliantly and they probably stopped a total of like 3 times during the hour and bit they played for. Definitely had all the predictable live highlights from their two albums. It’s mightily indescribable how awesome they were, but I seriously recommend you to watch them if you get the chance. They’re currently in the middle of a UK tour, have two more dates in Bristol and London respectively to play.

I’d write out the setlist if I had a sheet (they didn’t have one on stage) or remembered it, but I was just in the moment, wanted it to last a lot longer than it actually did. Found their rider list though in a shop nearby by mega coincidence, made me laugh, I will put it up later in a separate post.

White Denim – El Hard Attack DCWYW
[audio http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/6/1/2462689/04%20El%20Hard%20Attack%20DCWYW.mp3]


  1. Hanan wrote:

    I’m quite jealous. I literally discovered this band three days after they played an SF date. it made me SO MAD!!
    glad you had a good time though.

  2. Nathan wrote:

    cheers man, definitely check them out if you get the chance, simply awesome in the small club I was in.