sidi touré – ay hôra

so it was with my lil analysis of savior’s “zinli rhythm” that I cited Gayatri Spivak, and some post-colonial/pre-colonial idolising-warning stuff, and recently read a kind of damning indictment on Alan Lomax’s field recording in the early 20th Century that was in Warren Zane’s 331/3 book on Dusty in Memphis (ok, tenuous connections coming through here) and my mind couldn’t help but connect the two dots when listening to Sidi Touré, for whilst Spivak warns against lusting after some kind of purity, and Lomax attacks what he sees as a corruption of African culture (manifest in the rise of blues/soul/gospel), Touré’s music is probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in absolutely ages. devoid of any sticking, languishing analytical theory, it just is. It exists, and I’m excited to say it does. Excuse the ramblings, listen to “Ay Hôra” below.