alek fin – mull ep

A brilliant blend of live and electronic music. Alek Fin really demonstrates an ability to nail it when it comes to atmosphere. Mull EP takes a lot of influence from contemporary electronic musicians such as Flying Lotus, James Blake, and Nicholas Jaar, but taking the sound a rather different direction. The EP floats effortlessly through its 20 minutes, echoing & shimmering in the process. EP title track “Mull” feels very spaced out, with it’s shore like synth and plodding bass, whilst “Rocks In Paper”, is slightly more grounded by its drum lead pattern. Mull EP isn’t too far of a soundtrack, it’s whole structure and pace could be easily be set to a melancholic scene of some sort. The EP single “Waiting like a Wolf” is not far off Thom Yorkes more leftfield escapades, and actually reminds me of a Holy Fuck remix of Nude, except more melodic and dreamy. To summarise you should listen to this EP, and then again, until you feel like your life is a melancholic slow motion film short. Really great EP, I look forward to more.