Fits Review

The brilliant White Denim have thankfully returned. With ‘Fits’ the follow-up to their bloody fantastic debut ‘Workout Holiday’ which is nestled in my Best of ’08 section along the top bar. This album though, furthers and in some ways betters the progress made with their first effort. It opens up in the same eclectic, maddened enraged, jazz rock style with Radio Milk How Can You Stand It. Building on their typically unusual song structure and immense use of loops, Foals on overdrive is the easiest comparison I can make, starts the album brilliantly and you can expect more of the same throughout.

The real heavy hitter and my favourite song is I Start To Run, an intense, almost magical jaunt of a song that just shouts out so much, over lapping vocals can’t hide the almost frustrating aspect that this music wants to rip out of, to break its constraits, again it’s angry brilliance from the Texan trio. Bringing together the better aspects of previous singles Let’s Talk About It and Shake Shake Shake to create something amazing. This new single is easily the biggest highlight of the album and is central to it’s awesomeness.

Other highlights include All Consolation and previous free track giveaway (via NME) Mirrored and Reverse. I heartily recommend this strong, forceful, merciless album. The three piece have possibly outdone themselves in topping previous work and make such a loud racket that I can’t wait to see them on the 5th of July in Southampton.

I Start To Run

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  1. Hanan wrote:

    great band. gotta get this album.