for what it’s worth – vanilla

I was really tempted to start with the use of the album title in a sentence to describe it, but I’m deciding against it. Vanilla is a UK based beat maker with one of those very much desired abilities to craft “All killer, no filler” albums, and then practically give it away, just because… you know.. that’s a nice thing to do.

I would say that I played his previous beat tape “Soft Focus” to death, but that’s pretty hard as that album is fucking immense, and so “For What It’s Worth”, Vanilla’s lastest tape continues in the same fashion. Really struggling not to use the phrase “for what it’s worth” here, it’s that damn good that it’s effected my sense of writing.

To summarise, “For What It’s Worth” is slightly less sparkling summer smooth hip hop beats, more crisp evening grooves. It definitely feels like Vanilla is on some sort of musical journey, with “For What It’s Worth” edging into a jazzier realm. Still, this tape maintains that sweet Vanilla flow, with some nods to Dilla along the way.

This sweet tape even has the option to be free for all those who are to broke to afford good music, so you have no excuse to not get this gold. Free gold, cmon.