You know what I’d like to hear? Some flawless female vocals and the writer of “In The Loop”‘s score in one tune. Oh! What’s that you say? It already exists!
Megan Wyler’s debut single is what you would primarily call folk track, it sounds strangely like a sea chanty accompanied by a banjo, and would in fact fit the scenery of the roaring Cornish coast. The analogue synth adds another dimension to the track, making what could be a very stripped back track, and giving it more depth and a thicker sound.
Definitely going to keep a look out for this lady.

STREAM: Through the Noise – Megan Wyler

One Comment

  1. This is beautiful. Why isn’t the banjo used more??? I guess everyone has an unfair preconception of it.

    Anyway thank you for letting me discover this. Keep up the good work.