I’ve been in one of those stints of only listening to one genre. Not something I am proud to say, however it took “Fever” by Low Moon Low, London based indie/folk band, to shake me out of it.
“Fever”‘s intro alone could be an instrumental, the two guitars, bass and drums creating a warm sound that reminds me of being inside when its really cold outside. Never have I ever had an opinion on when the vocals should come in on a track, but Low Moon Low time it perfectly, the sweet Bon Iver/Everything Everything falsetto interject, ringing out over the intricate and complex melodies laid down previously. Brilliantly soft and full of rhythm.

STREAM: Fever – Low Moon Low

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  1. Sam wrote:

    A great tune, well written and straight to the point. I hope to hear more from these guys, onwards and upwards.