During late March, Teebs and Prefuse 73 announced that they would be working together on a collab record. To say I was excited was an understatement. Both producers who are huge in their own right, Prefuse with his dreamy beats and Teebs with his brilliantly natural sounds, the combination of both is something so good, I wouldn’t of even thought about it happening.
If you have listened to both artists work, you can tell that there is definitely some overlapping similarities, both of which are prominent players in the experimental beat making. Prefuse releasing his first record in 2000 on Warp and Chocolate, makes him a veteran in the genre, whilst Teebs is upon the wave of creative beat makers we have had in recent years being one of the few who are riding the top.
1 month ago, they previewed their sound at Boiler Room, with a 30 minute mix, and it did not disappoint. As of 3 days ago, you can now listen to their wonderful sounds up on soundcloud and youtube. Both Prefuse and Teebs are on top of their game in the mix, which makes me very excited to hear what they have for the future. They save the best till last with some slightly heavier beats in the second 15 minutes, whilst the first 15 still kick it with some chilled melodies. With such names, there are going to be expectations, which I hope do not ruin the quality of what could be a really good LP.