Wavvves Review

Just thought that I would because I’m in love with this album at the moment. I don’t even no particularly why. And it’s not even because of the whole media furor over the meltdown gig scandal. Which admittedly has generated so much hype in this band it’s unreal. I don’t even want to be like I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I know that with this sort of band, when it starts to gain speed, it gathers alot of support. But yeah, that’s just classification. Being the music uber-geek I tend to be, I’ve just become fascinated, no infatuated with Wavves.

There’s so much within it to actually hate as well. It’s mad, the distort, some often shitty lyrics too. But hell, it’s like, just addictive. Easily comparable to drugs, of which so-called “wunderkid” Nathan Williams is oh-so-fond of. Though he is, probably just that. It’s an album that I cannot stop listening to, as I tweeted, it’s becoming the soundtrack to my life, almost worryingly as being possibly the best incarnation of the quintessential stoner-rock genre. I kinda feel that I might end up with a spliff or two, constantly listening to this. I love it as an entirety, as a magically flowing, (easily into each song I might add) album and just something brilliant. Distortion kinda sucks, but Wavves use it to full effect. Make it into the awesome music they have crafted.

Just going to distribute the one song today, this is possibly, but not definitely, my favourite track off the album. Yeah, that’s an uncertain statement, but I’m so unsure about my love for Wavves. Album of the year?……
Beach Demon
[audio http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/6/1/2462689/02%20Beach%20Demon.mp3]


  1. Mo wrote:

    I completely agree with what you have said! It is addictive and I kind of crave hearing some newer songs! Finally someone who doesnt really give a fuck about his breakdown etc…

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