If you haven’t heard that Night Works track which lit up the blog scene about a month ago, well, I’m pretty sure you’ve been under some kind of internet rock. It’s from Gabe Stebbing’s new band (he used to be bassist for Metronomy) and is, simply put, ASTOUNDING. The video, which I’ve embedded at the foot of this post is 100% worthy of your time and there’s an extended mix out in the ether if you dig it that much (you will).

But the main issue here is ultimate-dude Gold Panda dropping his remix of the track this morning, calling Stebbing “my mate”, on his facebook page. It’s a brilliant rework, that eschews the original’s structure and tempo for something a little more DJ-friendly and bound to appear on the dancefloor of somewhere like Corsica Studios. It even cuts up that vocal which I just assumed was so perfect as is. Derwin is on another level.