With a swinging beat, string like synth, and an ominous sub-bass, Mmoths has “Summer (Feat. Superhumanoids)” on the slow, echoed electronic pop setting. With brilliantly catchy vocals, that are rather hard to decipher, it’s no wonder that Mmoths has had Keep Shelly In Athens already on one of his tracks. His style is similar to that of Gold Panda, with a slightly organic natural sound, but with choir like vocals which gives the music a dreamy over tone. “Summer (Feat. Superhumanoids)”, initially sounds like it’s going to take more of an upbeat faster pace, but turns out to be more solemn, with a slow compressed back beat and tons of ambient synth, it’s very strangely summer-eske.

STREAM: Mmoths – Summer (Feat. Superhumanoids)