The formerly known Boogaloo Crew, who you will now know as Dark Sky are set to drop latest EP “Black Rainbows” on the 26th of March, on Black Acre. After listening to third and fourth tracks, “Zoom” and “Totem”, I think you’ll have a good idea what to expect, and it’s something big.
Third track, “Zoom”, certainly justifies the amount of hype that surrounds Dark Sky, with a short set of strings before the bass synth drops, inevitably building a lot of tension. “Zoom”, is a hard hitting track, with a crunchy beat and wonderful feeling of being in a grimy warehouse. It’s far darker than it’s neighbor “Totem”, with a beat like that of a construction line.
Fourth and final track on the EP, “Totem”, is a far brighter scenario, sounding a little like something off Bonobo’s “Black Sands” or Hudson Mowhawke’s “Satin Panthers”. It starts with the trickling sound of water, a huge mood swing for Dark Sky, and it works perfectly. As the beat creeps in, you can feel the tempo starting quicken. The bass is something to be reckoned with, and at 6.10 long you definitely get your daily amount of lower spectrum sounds. “Totem”, is a magnificent track, with rhythm and melody in every direction, the fact it’s been left for the B -side, goes to show how amazing this EP is.

STREAM: Dark Sky – Zoom

STREAM: Dark Sky – Totem