Veckatimest Review

As the release of Grizzly Bear’s undeniably phenomenal album draws to a near, I thought it fit and proper to review it, seeing as it is heads on favourite currently, to become my album of the year. It’s been in my best album section for a while now. So far this year, nothing else I know of has been released that comes as close as this does to being both all round brilliant as well as beautiful, beautiful music, full of perfect harmonies and talented instrumentation.

I’m practically in love with it, it is a great album that everyone should own, and physically to boot, the CD release is something I will be purchasing as soon as i can. The highlight for me, though, is ‘Two Weeks’, simply outstanding song on this album, it just reeks of quality production and talent. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t familiar with the work of Grizzly Bear before I came across Veckatimest and this album, particularly that song, come across as the perfect point of entry to listening to them, ‘Two Weeks’ is practically the perfect brand of folksy harmony pop that could ever be made and it just will be certain to draw people in.

Other songs I am particularly fond of include the previously posted ‘Cheerleader’, the 4th track and ‘Fine for Now’, which opens with possibly a better vocal harmony than ‘Two Weeks’, as well as being this amazing track to listen to, lyrically the repeating “there is time, so much time” ahhh it’s just great. Beautiful music. I also really love the song ‘While You Wait For The Others’, an mp3 of which is below, is rather distorted guitar intro is fantastic, contrasted against the vocals as well provides for a great song that builds and builds, becoming this amazing tune.

I can see this becoming, and hopefully so, a big success. I cannot sing the album’s praises loudly enough. As the release approaches (out the 25th here in the UK) I wish all the readers go and purchase the album, it’s fantastic. Here’s their equally fantastic recent performance on Jools Holland;

MP3:Grizzly Bear – While You Wait For The Others


  1. ed wrote:

    ah dayum. does this mean you have their digital EP? could you send me those plz?

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