I’ve decided to revive my painfully failing Podcast as a little monthly round-up of new music, of which I will mumble over, in various segments, saying why I like a particular track or maybe something completely inconsequential. I also asked my flatmates what they thought of a song. Here’s the tracklist and you can stream, or even download it, below.

Warm Speakers – Youth
rcsa – Fountain
Boy Friend – Egyptian Wrinkle
Theme Park – Milk (frYars Rework)
Hodgy Beats – CRAP (Ft. Left Brain)
Rostam – Don’t Let It Get To You
Washed Out – Amor Fati (Clams Casino Remix)
Inkships – Cassettes

One Comment

  1. Joe wrote:

    Hey R.H
    Loving the podcast, your flatmate Hari has a buff way with words.
    Love your biggest fan x keep up with the good work