run,WALK! 7″ review

runwalkvinyl front
It’s funny when you actually know a band, comprised of musicians who are actually good. It’s actually brilliant though as well, especially when they pump out output as good as this 7″ single. And I get to hear it before many other people do. Musically, this is, to me, an amazing single. It really holds possibly their best two songs so far and if you have a hold of their old EP, you will probably be surprised by the improvement.

3,5,10 is loud, well all their songs are, but it goes straight for it, being loud, angry, noisy, whatever other words you could use to describe, but after the flash-dash intro, it mellows out, personally this track reminds me of both Brontide and fellow two-piece Friendship and it’s my favourite track off of the 7″. The other track, Time is Catching Up With Me, is also really good, but clocking in at 1:54, is really short, I like it alot, but feel it could be extended, that’s just my opinion, lyircally it’s really good too and there is an awesome drumbeat/bassline to it. That’s my view on it, musically, two great tracks to get, so as soon as release is imminent, I will inform.

My esteemed friends, that form the two-piece, run,WALK! are Tom Clements and Matt Pickering-Copley, based in the Winchester-Andover area, the two of them are actually amazing, I’ve witnessed them live twice, their live act has definitely progressed and they are approaching a tour in July, still booking dates I believe. See them if you get the chance! A fast, frentic, awesome live band, to be honest, as good as these new recordings sound, they do not do the live aspect of the band justice. Go to their myspace too!

So, yeah, go buy the 7″, when it finally comes out. Here’s an mp3, an earlier version of 3,5,10, not the new one, otherwise you wouldn’t go get it!
run,WALK! – 3,5,10 (original demo version)
You can also get their first, original EP for free,here


  1. ed wrote:

    amazing artwork. any chance you’d be able to hook me up with the tracks?

  2. ed wrote:

    i just got the tracks off matt but thanks anyway. where’s the link for the mens shirt? i can only see the girls one still, i really wanted one of those shirts but didnt want girls cos i dont know anything about their sizing either