HorrorshowPodcast #23 – CVLT CLASSICS’ TAPECAST

CVLT CLASSICS emerged recently with a solid little mix as prelude to their own material. When pressed for more however, they only deemed it fitting to pass on this cassette, which comes to you this evening as a really damn sick entry in the blog’s ongoing podcast series. Their website claims, amongst other things, that they’re from an island off the shore of Belize, but we remain skeptical. Though, as their introductory paragraph ends with “Through music we are going to gain our followers” it leaves, I’m sure, more than this blogger eagerly awaiting original material. Check out the tracklist and stream/download below.

– SIDE A –

Sleep ∞ Over :: Romantic Streams
Com Truise :: Cathode Girls
Neon Indian :: Mind, Drips
Flume :: Sleepless [Feat. Anthony For Cleopatra]
Neon Indian :: Fallout
jj :: my way

– SIDE B –

Poolside :: Harvest Moon
Inc.:: Swear
El Guincho :: Bombay
Galapagos :: Actin Up


They’ve also recently opened up to some online presence – “Like” / “Follow” them now.


  1. Cassette wrote:

    slick… nice one! <3 cvt classics and the mysticism surrounding them. Nice exclusive!!

    much respect.

  2. [...] other day. They emerged with an online presence shortly after with a rad as fuk tapecast done with horrorshowtunez.  They are pretty Mysterious and havent really released any material yet except for these two [...]