“Run & Hide”, is one of the incredible tracks part of the collab heavy film/music project of Jeymes Samuel. A truly beautiful piece of work, ranging from guests like Lucy Liu, to this tracks feature, Jay Electronica.

“Run & Hide” starts with a chorus that could easily be a track by itself, lyrics “run and hide” sing out soulfully, with a wonderfully slow tempo. Jay Electronica catches the track off guard with, “sentimental rain drops, the tears fall in increments”, Jay is on a whole other level when it comes to the content of his mcing, reminding us of the meaning of rap, rhythm and poetry. A sweet combination of soul and hip hop, this has got me super excited on witnessing the film/music in it’s entirety. I’d like to hear/see what Lucy Liu brings to the table.

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: Run & Hide – The Bullitts X Jay Electronica

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  1. Giles wrote:

    I love this. Very clever use of Bowie samples, at the very beginning and the background looped vocals throughout, taken from “Quicksand”