If I had to choose any artist/album/track to take to a desert island, it would be with out a doubt Flying Lotus. So when ever he drops more material I’m always very grateful.

A couple of weeks ago, he released more than a handful of tracks on his soundcloud, various remixes and a few presumably leftovers and demos. Remixes include Burial, and Shafiq Hussain, both artists that Flying Lotus’s style although different, can be applied to extremely well. Track “Elephant Ride”, is really interesting in terms of direction that he’s gone in, leaving the “space opera” and relying heavily on a sweet bollywood sample. Another is “Code of ethNics 2″, a laid back, Dilla inspired beat, something a lot smoother than his other material, one you could very easily sit back and listen to.

Go ahead and check them all out at his soundcloud.

STREAM: Flying Lotus – “buriedMIX2 //burial dj kicks??’ 08″ + “Elephant Ride 07″ + “Code of ethNics 2″