Becoming Real has remixed Dam Mantle’s “Meet Me In The Ambulance”, a dark dance track with a serious tone to it, creating something with quite a different atmosphere. Becoming Real has taken the looming vocals of the original, using them almost like the base of the track and then building from that onwards. The beat pulls the track up, giving it a backbone, with bright synths taking a huge contrast to the original low end style of the track. Finally adding a “jump” vocal, if you couldn’t make the track anymore danceable.

Make sure you get down to Corsica Studios this thursday, where the WE EP is set to launch. It’ll be pretty sweet to hear what it will sound like in the mix. Not to forget that Becoming Real and the, hyped for good reason, Bullion will be laying down a track or two. Go shake a leg. Link to more info after the jump.

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Dam Mantle – Meet Me In The Ambulance (Becoming Real Remix)
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