Glasgow producer, Dam Mantle is set to release his new EP “WE” on the 25th this month, and very lovingly has allowed it to be streamed in all it’s fresh crispy glory.

“WE EP” is, darker to say the least, it’s moaning opener, clocking in at a 10.34, is a bleak but super sick opening to “WE”. It has a lot going on, starting loud and become steadily more minimal, this isn’t to say that there isn’t much to it. Rather, the way it’s been written is with being subtle in mind. This theme runs throughout the EP, “Meet Me In The Ambulance” feels more directed towards the dance floor, its a little more grimey and has more of a rush to it. “Sonambulate, My Dear” I’m particularly fond of, it has this organ/computer synth that chills the track out. The beat is uplifting, almost relaxing, it’s hypnotic synths almost turn the track in to something that Brian Eno may of written in his recent years. EP ender is still pretty calm, its far more vocal lead than the rest of the EP, reminding me very slightly of James Blake, but its beat is faster, making more of a pace to the track. If you listen to the lyrics, they’re pretty interesting too.

Set to release 25th July on GETME! records, keep an eye on this, serious good talent.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/17251519"]