Samiyam, hip hop producer, makes what is best described as jazz funk put into a electronic environment. Signed the Brainfeeder Records, he is known to collaborate with Flying Lotus under the name FLYamSAM, and falls under the wake of J Dilla’s inspirational impact. Sam Baker’s Album is a deeply compressed album. Though it could be seen as hip hop, it’s different to what is commonly seen as hip hop, taking on a more of a hip hop epic style of music. It goes further than just a beat, into something a lot more complex.

What’s first very noticeable about Sam Baker’s Album is it’s sway towards a more funk influenced record. It’s cheesey synths, and swaying beats connote some serious 70′s television programs. It’s feels like quite a dark record, the low end synths show this, however it still sounds bright, as seen in tracks like “Turtles”, “My Buddy”, and “Lifesized Stuffed Animal”, which all feel like a clash between the darker side and funkier upbeat side of the album.

The production of the album is very bass centered, after all this is a Brainfeeder album, produced by Fly Lo himself. The same raspy, crackling feel, roams throughout the record. It would suggest a low end style of production, but with the focus on a higher more crisper sound. The fact is, Samiyam and Fly Lo, have created the sweet sounding abomination that is a combination of both Low and Hi, without being one or the other, or being in the middle. This in particular is what makes Sam Baker’s Album so good on the ears.

The whole feel of the album is one for your living room, and that of a dance floor, Samiyam has been given a lot of freedom, which can be seen in the way the album pans out, you can tell a lot of love and care has been put into this music. Like I mentioned earlier, it is like jazz funk put into a electronic environment, which makes me think, this album demands a live accompaniment, although this may be following in the footsteps of Flying Lotus a little, it certainly would do well with the music.

Sam Baker’s Album is an incredible mix of hip hop, R&B, funk, jazz, and electronica, described by some as Space Opera. Another success from Brainfeeders ever growing discography.

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