Holy Other’s “With U”, released on Tri Angle Records, is a mysterious dark piece of music. Coming from Manchester, Holy Other, shares a label with witch-housers Balam-acab, and oOoOO. With the intense feel and slow beats of the EP, this would suggest that Holy Other is of the witch-house genre. But he sets himself apart from the others, with the subtle production that has been so meticulously crafted.

The EP introduces itself with “Know Where”, a plodding track, with, if a little spooky, vocals, switching from a low and high pitch. A chant like vocal, used as a synth, paces behind, which fills the track with a dark dreamy sense. The notable part about this track is the bleeping synth, and later on the quiet violins, which give what would be a haunting track, a brighter side, showing Holy Other is capable of producing something different.

“Yr Love” continues with the chant like synth, darker this time, with an occasional interruption from a synth, which acts with the simple beat, interweaving the track. What become very apparent as you listen through the EP is it’s walking pace tempo. Holy Other builds up, but not to a final drop, rather, the build is part of the progress of the track and the EP.

“Touch” leaves the haunting vibe that was felt with the previous two, instead pushing towards a more soulful R&B track, starting with an bass drum, and a nicely echoed vocal, that becomes almost another layer in itself. When the beat kicks in, the ominous vibe comes back, with a synth bass that fills the track out. Then almost out of nowhere, the track slows down, creating an awesome breakdown, that with the help of some super echoes and clap snare, brings the beat back. “Your touch” is repeated, giving an intimacy that is not seen so much in the rest of the EP.

EP title track “With U”, reminds me of a more somber version of Gold Panda’s “You”, at the very beginning with the tribal organ synth, and soft “ooo” that comes from the female vocals. The beat of the track is instead more fragmented, it has structure, but it alternates between a different drum patterns, balancing the track out.

Finally, “Feel Something”, the sunrise of the EP. It’s brighter, more hopeful feel, is a brilliant way to end the EP. The low frequency vocals have a sweet hook that adds the sweet ending. Steadily the track builds, with another vocal and synth, ending with the feel you had just listened to a R&B EP, but rather it was a darker dreamier equivalent.

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