There’s times when feelings of happiness understandably envelope around you, leaving nothing but a big ol’ stupid grin slapped across your face. And the jumpy, energetic vibe to “Good Love” helps induce this very same sensation. Canadian Trevor Mintz, under the (frankly brilliant) Trevor and Ever moniker has created a track that, although loosely comparable to artists such as James Blake and Mount Kimbie, steps away from doom and gloom to create a positively uplifting listen. Check it out.

STREAM: Trevor and Ever – “Good Love (May Mix)” + Pick up the track for free here.
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  1. muds wrote:

    well little nephew trevor this sure isn’t the kind of music i was raised on or listen to but i guess you got to start somewhere, but take a tip from old uncle muds stick with rock or blues , i ‘m not even sure what you would call this kind of music but they sure don’t play it at biker parties . play the good music & you’ll have all the groupies you want !!!!!!! you still never respond to the emails i send you nor do you ever send me any good emails , don’t your friends like jokes or porn ? keep at it with the music someone has to be the next buddy guy , stevie ray vaughn or the rolling stones !!!!!!