HYPE: Shells

Emerging producer Khalid Rafique has today released his latest material under the Shells moniker, the Pastels EP and it’s up for a Radiohead-style name-your-price download from his Bandcamp. A chilled ambience pervades these three tracks and this contemporary take on laid-back electronica is as much an alluring prospect as it is relaxing. Comprised of the titular opening track as well as choice cuts “Clay” and “Mulberry Parade”, Rafique has brought together the perfect primer to Shells’ sound.

It’s hard to fault, a distinct sound that doesn’t so much remove you from any comfort zone, but rather, makes everyday tasks a hell of a lot more enjoyable. I’ve been typing this up with a huge smile strapped to my face and my head permanently bobbing. This music is textured, multi-layered, with looped vocal samples bouncing off slick beats and synths. It’s irresistible, something that really draws you and keeps you in it’s grasp. Almost reaching 15 minutes long, this short and sweet EP needs to be heard, Shells is well and truly one to watch. And whilst you’re at it check out his Lunar Park EP too.

STREAM: The Pastels EP in it’s entirety.
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