Gang Colours is perfect for the Brownswood family, his rhythm and tune are like no other. His music has all the soul of a singer songwriter, but put in the context of bass fueled electronica.

The cool synth, and scattered beats vibe well out of any sound system, “In Your Gut Like a Knife”, flows in with vinyl crackling and synth buzzing quietly. The soft vocals, and bassed out synth add a laid back vibe. The echoes flow throughout the track, this ones for the day and the night.

From what you can hear of the EP, its not all chilled, “Village and City”, starts it off with a fast pace, and a sweet bouncing synth. “Fireworks in Pocket”, is has a more subtle feel, there’s less going on, but for good reason, allowing the vocals and synth to power the EP on. “Dance Around the Subject”, picks it up the beat, building it up and breaking down into a head nodding 8 bit like peak. Finally “In Your Gut Like a Knife” finishes it off, like credits but oh so much more interesting and catchy.

The EP is to drop 6th of June on 12″ and digital. You can check out the sample mix below.

STREAM: Gang Colours – In Your Gut Like a Knife
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