QUICK DOWNLOADS: MF DOOM (3:33 Remix) + Unreleased Earl Sweatshirt

Here’s a couple of tracks that dropped online earlier. First up is a remix of infamous rapper MF DOOM’s venerable track “Vomit” by 3:33 which turns the track into something dark and almost repulsive. A level of absurdity that accompanies it when coupled with DOOM’s rapping is slightly disconcerting but 3:33 have effectually reinvigorated the track. Making something that is very different from the original, adding a sense of perpetual terror does that to a track.
MF DOOM – Vomit (3:33 Remix)
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This EARL track was first put out on the video below, that features Odd Future associate Sage skating. After watching the vid, on repeat I might add, I was hoping that OF would release the track before I was reduced to ripping it off YouTube with the crummy skateboard audio. It may clock in at just over a minute long but it’s a summer-perfect jam, opening with “Juicebox, Tank tops, Tube socks,” seems evidence enough, that has the erstwhile rapper laying down his verse perfectly over a flowing and compelling beat. Watch the video and download below.
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Earl Sweatshirt – Dat Ass
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