HYPE: Cave Painting

The echo-y, grandiose pop of “Midnight Love” by Brighton’s Cave Painting is pretty exotic, a clattering and absorbing track that the 5-piece have put together. It’s a similar situation for the track “Leaf”, which they’ve given away for free download, a chanting chorus of “Where the young go” set against a backdrop of an angular Foals-like guitar part is an equally enchanting culmination. Simply put, Cave Painting have got something here that’s addictive and compelling, which is well worth checking out.

I think what best describe the band is their own soundcloud bio; “curled up toes for walking on rocks and sand. blessed by the sun. calmed by waving. the stone you take home. tan lines fade. a summer was made. me and four (you’s). the shark. the lark. island. forever. being a spectrum. a sunbeam. a collective. the water after dark. (kilo)meters apart. those calming palms. say yeah palms. leaving our markings. footprints behind. everything we share as five. CAVE PAINTING.

STREAM: “Midnight Love”
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/12439490"]