Ever since The XX’s debut in 2009, there has been a huge surge in incredible and inspired music. Their impact is still resonating within the music community 2 years on, and probably will do for many years. You can hear this influence in Slime – “Caffeine feat Gaskel Creed”.

What starts with a walk down the street, becomes a simple but very clever dub like slow jam. The crisp production, sulking guitar, bass, and the layers of slightly echoed synth, “Caffeine”, is uplifting but with a rather sad undertone.
After listening to it multiple times, you can hear more and more sounds in it. There isn’t one part that couldn’t be a track of its own, which kind of makes you wish that the track was longer, even though its roughly 5 minutes. None the less, “Caffeine” is brilliant, consistent and most importantly, more-ish.

Slime – Caffeine (feat. Gaskel Creed)
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    how can I download this track?